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We're David and Auston, but you can call us Two Bad Tourists. We met in 2006 at Arizona State University. In 2008, we got married while living in Chicago and in 2013 moved to Madrid after spending one year on a round-the-world trip. In 2018, we made the difficult decision to end our relationship as a couple but we continue to be best friends. After 12 years together, we formed an unbreakable bond and will continue to be a family, albeit unconventional. We still share a passion for LGBT+ visibility, travel and take many trips together, so Two Bad Tourists lives on through our travel blog and we continue to encourage others to explore the world while being their true, authentic selves. 

The Purpose of This Shop

We want you to celebrate your identity with the benefit of giving back where 10% of proceeds go to LGBT+ organizations. We offer a vibrant array of fun and unique products, ensuring you find something special that resonates with your individuality. Flaunt your gear and show off your fabulous self. Or spread joy with thoughful gifts for your LGBT+ friends, family or colleagues. Every purchase is a statement of solidarity, making the world a more stylish and accepting place, one queer item at a time.

How LGBTPride.com Started

We acquired LGBTPride.com in 2024 from the original owner James. Previously he was an advertising client of ours on Two Bad Tourists where we helped him promote the Pride Shop through our website, newsletter and on social media. He decided to move on to other business ventures and graciously offer us to take over the store. So, here we are with an online shop and a purpose and a goal.